Swimming pool & Bar

Our swimming pool with its spotlessly clean and fresh water, between our big trees and flowers is a real oasis for those who wish to spend some of their leisure time or enjoy some refreshments near the blue water.
Swimming pool - Anemomylos Residence

Swimming pool

It is newly renovated and operates with the best and latest machines that make it more healthy and refreshing for swimmers. It works with the system of electrolysis and the main component for the cleanliness is the iodide salt rather than chlorine which is used in most pools. Its new interior with some pieces of ivory gives you the feeling of a crystal sea. It is big enough and its depth is starting 1.20 to 3.05 meters. That makes it perfect for both children and adults. The hours of operation is from 09:00 a.m. until 20:00 p.m.
 - Anemomylos Residence
Bar - Anemomylos Residence


Our little bar with its nice terrace over the swimming pool is an ideal place for relaxing and enjoying several refreshments, coffees, drinks and light meals. During the morning hours you can also enjoy your breakfast from our buffet which consists of sweet and salty food, delicious homemade marmalades and other homemade recipes.